I found gold at Golds Gym


In my quest to get into shape, I joined a Golds Gym.  The one I joined seems to be patronized by the older generation, in which I thought wouldn’t be overcrowded and I wouldn’t have to wait for equipment etc. I have bad knees and it was recommended that I try water aerobics.  They have class every day at 0930. I am surprise with the resistance that water provides; you can get a good work out.

So splish splash DD is going to make a dash for the pool.  Upon my arrival to class, I noticed I may be the youngest athlete there.  In my observation, I see all walks of life – large, small, frail, athletic, different races, cultures, rainbow of colors, well educated, professionals, house wives and I am sure all have stories of their life, to include the abundance of wisdom.  These men and women are the GOLD I found at Golds Gym! 

If you don’t want have your soul enriched – don’t go to Golds Gym on Tezel and don’t do water aerobics.  If you don’t want to laugh, sing and get a good work out – don’t go.

 The golden years, the golden girls, the golden rule, the golden opportunity and the gold dust will be in class.  These lovely souls meet here to socialize, exercise, laugh and sing.  The music that is played to exercise with ranges from the oldies to pop songs of the eighties and most know the words.   They play pranks on each other, ask about families and how’s your health?  They have each other’s back.  Some meet for lunch after class and karaoke at night.  they are kind and help each other out.  Some I notice come in walkers, canes and struggle to get into pool because of some health issues, but when they do get in– they are free and young again.

Smiles, Smiles everywhere and you can tell the ones that were probably leaders in school, the jokesters, caregivers, pranksters, artistic etc and yes – there are a few that might complain the water is too cold or whatever the day issue is for them.

I have learned this week that your soul and personality doesn’t age, just the flesh around your bones do. The wisdom and life lessons the Golden people at the Gym on Tezel -is amazing.  If the rest of the world would be in harmony as these Golden people are – the world would be a better place.

Thank you Golden people at the Gym, to include the General Manager – who signed me up!!!  I am honored and much appreciate the joy you give me, the laughs and smiles you share, the lessons I learn from you on my campus, I call life.  Oh – did I mention I get a good work out in too.



No Resting in the Restroom




This is my weekly lesson that I learned on my campus, I call  life.

In traveling through the airport to get to and from what ever aircraft I will be working, I  frequently use the restroom and surely at my age don't pass one up.  I have found it quite refreshing to have my own space and use the family restroom.  Yeeessss - my own little space to lug all my baggage, my own mirror and sink.If there is no family room - I take the handicap stall, as I need the room for me, myself and I.

I decided to look up the definition of restroom, cause there is definitely no resting going on in this room.  Standing in line is not rest, fighting for a stall is not rest, cleaning and lining the toilet - so my ass doesn't touch someone else ass print is not rest.  Then the process of having to hide the sound of my shit hitting the water is work.  All the while the person next to me is grunting and tooting their explosive solids is quite exhausting and sure their not resting.  Then the toilet flushes while your on it, because of the sensor.  Thus giving you more to clean on your ass, cause now your all wet - this is not resting.

I am a sports model now and glad I have no tampons or pads to change, but I am sure folks having to take care of this mess - don't think their resting. I observe parents bringing their young ones in and talking them through the process and or changing diapers - this is not rest. Then you have to cleanup by fighting with the paper towel holder only wants to give you a 3" x 3" piece to dry off with.  NOT REST  Its exhausting watching others primp, wash and then want to chat in the restroom.  NO, I don't want to have conversation in the restroom.  I have never understood why women feel it necessary to go to the restroom together.

So with all this non resting in the restroom, here is what I found out about why its called a restroom.

 Restroom. Originally meaning a public toilet, this seems to be of American origin, with the earliest usages found around 1900. It’s an extremely common usage, and also one of the vaguest. Rest of course has a number of meanings, but this is probably in the sense of "repose" or "refreshing oneself." A slight variation is retiring room, a lovely upper-class Briticism from the 1930s.

So there you have !!!!!

See ya around campus

My life is a Campus

Life is Campus

My Life is a campus that no college could have taught or prepared me for the lessons I have learned. I have embraced my life’s experiences and learned from them. I am not a scholar, I am simply a life time student that never limited herself and used my lessons to achieve many goals. Some of these goals have been from family, children, adventures, fun, passion,  many careers, and financial peace.

The tuition for my campus life has been costly.  I still make payments.   No one gets out cheap. My tuition has cost me relationships, health, home, money, time, happiness and energy.  Tuition could have ultimately have cost me my life, if I did not pay attention to my lessons.



Choice – I have the ability to choose my classrooms, schoolmates, tuition, and locations of my campus of life.  Along my journey I have been surprised with a no notice test! 

These tests are things thrown my way.  I did not sign up for this class, nor study for it! I chose to surround myself with positive teachers, schoolmates and the world as my campus. Yes, some negative classmates, teachers and campus’s squeezed their way into my life for those surprise no notice test and still continue to hover around my campus.  I’m still working on an environment that gives me peace and happiness.

Laugh – I found the humor to all my lessons and try not to play the victim.  I personally love to laugh and humor has given me peace throughout my journey.

I have embraced my lessons – good or bad and just have fun with it!  Don’t get me wrong – I’m human and  felt the raw feelings of negativity.

 I don’t blame others for my demise and take responsibility for my choices on my campus life.  Remember I have chosen my lessons I wanted to learn – so I’m still preparing for those surprise exams the best I can.  I got this!!

I speak, not as a professor or expert of my campus life – simply a student, like you, who has experienced many lessons and surprise test on my campus, I call life.





“55 Years on Campus” is a memoir that I am humbled to share with you, of my life lesson and things that I have come to understand during my journey on this campus I call life.

I have served over 20 years in the Air Force, and currently am a private flight attendant for the rich and famous - for close to 20 years as well. The world has been my campus.  I have had jobs that are dominantly masculine to include feminine and jobs no human should have. My lessons have had me experience tragedies, failures, success and happiness. Some of my subjects were loss of life, air show disasters, murder, terrorist threats, natural disasters, religion conflicts, culture beliefs, racism, human nature/instincts, beauty, love, compassion, jealousy, use, abuse, etc etc.  I am not alone and no one special.  You all have a story, journey and  special experiences on your campus of life.

My heart simply wanted to share with you my lessons; in the hopes you can laugh, be entertained and learn off of my mistakes and success’s. By not limiting myself; I got to experience more than most and grateful for this trait that I embraced.

  It has come to my belief that there is nothing that you can’t do – you are the only one in your way.

So, get out there and write your own story, as many of you already have. Find your campus that is filled with the resources you need for your diplomas and degree’s. I’m working on my PHD – my doctorate of happiness! PHD – Perfectly Happy Dee!

Thank you for sharing my journey with me and its time for me to get back to my studies.  See you all around campus my friends!!!!





Weekly Lessons blog of things I learned on the Campus, I call life!

I lived my life on campus, in which I have experienced some crazy and amazing things on this journey.  Had guy jobs in the Air Force and girl jobs as well.  Had jobs no human should ever do.  Experienced death, murder, natural disasters, terrorist bombings, air show disaster, race card, survival school, and met amazing souls along the way.  I laughed, cried, learned, survived and advanced my soul mentally and physically. 

Tuitions is huge, our life lessons have cost us relationship, health, money, time and some ultimately death.  We all don't leave this place without learning something and it is my goal to have fun, laugh and be one educated soul, before I move on to my next journey.

55 years on campus is my memoir of 20 plus years in the Air Force to current day has a private flight attendant.  It is my hope that you laugh and learn from my mistakes and with that, I have decided to blog weekly lessons of things that I continue to learn on the campus, I call life.

ee ya round campus my friends, as off to work I go tomorrow and will be spending Christmas with you on the road, somewhere!

On Fridays, Im thinking of blogging something new I learned for the week.  FUN Dee Mental Friday's, I believe I will call it.  Next weeks lesson is:  Marketing, another word for pimp.  Living my life, writing about it and getting it published is one thing.  Marketing is a whole other beast. 

see ya next week



This Campus has no boundaries. Learning takes place in all spaces.

And there I was 18, all grown up and no place to go!


Never realized that my life would lead me to go to many places,


 experience souls with many faces and  races,


 wearing combat boots with panties of laces,


 operating bulldozers to riding in Limo’s with flower vases,


 skinny dipping in the Persian Gulf to wishing 1920’s swimwear was back in the department store cases,


 going to survival school learning how to be a Prisoner of War - to flying a famous POW to Vietnam/Hannoh Hilton – we had access,


 from serving our country to serving the well to do graces,


 from being a child with messy britches to hoping they come up with designer depends for my future messes.


So hang on – I am going to share with you my crazy journey on the Campus, I call life!