Weekly Lessons blog of things I learned on the Campus, I call life!

I lived my life on campus, in which I have experienced some crazy and amazing things on this journey.  Had guy jobs in the Air Force and girl jobs as well.  Had jobs no human should ever do.  Experienced death, murder, natural disasters, terrorist bombings, air show disaster, race card, survival school, and met amazing souls along the way.  I laughed, cried, learned, survived and advanced my soul mentally and physically. 

Tuitions is huge, our life lessons have cost us relationship, health, money, time and some ultimately death.  We all don't leave this place without learning something and it is my goal to have fun, laugh and be one educated soul, before I move on to my next journey.

55 years on campus is my memoir of 20 plus years in the Air Force to current day has a private flight attendant.  It is my hope that you laugh and learn from my mistakes and with that, I have decided to blog weekly lessons of things that I continue to learn on the campus, I call life.

ee ya round campus my friends, as off to work I go tomorrow and will be spending Christmas with you on the road, somewhere!

On Fridays, Im thinking of blogging something new I learned for the week.  FUN Dee Mental Friday's, I believe I will call it.  Next weeks lesson is:  Marketing, another word for pimp.  Living my life, writing about it and getting it published is one thing.  Marketing is a whole other beast. 

see ya next week