My life is a Campus

Life is Campus

My Life is a campus that no college could have taught or prepared me for the lessons I have learned. I have embraced my life’s experiences and learned from them. I am not a scholar, I am simply a life time student that never limited herself and used my lessons to achieve many goals. Some of these goals have been from family, children, adventures, fun, passion,  many careers, and financial peace.

The tuition for my campus life has been costly.  I still make payments.   No one gets out cheap. My tuition has cost me relationships, health, home, money, time, happiness and energy.  Tuition could have ultimately have cost me my life, if I did not pay attention to my lessons.



Choice – I have the ability to choose my classrooms, schoolmates, tuition, and locations of my campus of life.  Along my journey I have been surprised with a no notice test! 

These tests are things thrown my way.  I did not sign up for this class, nor study for it! I chose to surround myself with positive teachers, schoolmates and the world as my campus. Yes, some negative classmates, teachers and campus’s squeezed their way into my life for those surprise no notice test and still continue to hover around my campus.  I’m still working on an environment that gives me peace and happiness.

Laugh – I found the humor to all my lessons and try not to play the victim.  I personally love to laugh and humor has given me peace throughout my journey.

I have embraced my lessons – good or bad and just have fun with it!  Don’t get me wrong – I’m human and  felt the raw feelings of negativity.

 I don’t blame others for my demise and take responsibility for my choices on my campus life.  Remember I have chosen my lessons I wanted to learn – so I’m still preparing for those surprise exams the best I can.  I got this!!

I speak, not as a professor or expert of my campus life – simply a student, like you, who has experienced many lessons and surprise test on my campus, I call life.





“55 Years on Campus” is a memoir that I am humbled to share with you, of my life lesson and things that I have come to understand during my journey on this campus I call life.

I have served over 20 years in the Air Force, and currently am a private flight attendant for the rich and famous - for close to 20 years as well. The world has been my campus.  I have had jobs that are dominantly masculine to include feminine and jobs no human should have. My lessons have had me experience tragedies, failures, success and happiness. Some of my subjects were loss of life, air show disasters, murder, terrorist threats, natural disasters, religion conflicts, culture beliefs, racism, human nature/instincts, beauty, love, compassion, jealousy, use, abuse, etc etc.  I am not alone and no one special.  You all have a story, journey and  special experiences on your campus of life.

My heart simply wanted to share with you my lessons; in the hopes you can laugh, be entertained and learn off of my mistakes and success’s. By not limiting myself; I got to experience more than most and grateful for this trait that I embraced.

  It has come to my belief that there is nothing that you can’t do – you are the only one in your way.

So, get out there and write your own story, as many of you already have. Find your campus that is filled with the resources you need for your diplomas and degree’s. I’m working on my PHD – my doctorate of happiness! PHD – Perfectly Happy Dee!

Thank you for sharing my journey with me and its time for me to get back to my studies.  See you all around campus my friends!!!!