No Resting in the Restroom




This is my weekly lesson that I learned on my campus, I call  life.

In traveling through the airport to get to and from what ever aircraft I will be working, I  frequently use the restroom and surely at my age don't pass one up.  I have found it quite refreshing to have my own space and use the family restroom.  Yeeessss - my own little space to lug all my baggage, my own mirror and sink.If there is no family room - I take the handicap stall, as I need the room for me, myself and I.

I decided to look up the definition of restroom, cause there is definitely no resting going on in this room.  Standing in line is not rest, fighting for a stall is not rest, cleaning and lining the toilet - so my ass doesn't touch someone else ass print is not rest.  Then the process of having to hide the sound of my shit hitting the water is work.  All the while the person next to me is grunting and tooting their explosive solids is quite exhausting and sure their not resting.  Then the toilet flushes while your on it, because of the sensor.  Thus giving you more to clean on your ass, cause now your all wet - this is not resting.

I am a sports model now and glad I have no tampons or pads to change, but I am sure folks having to take care of this mess - don't think their resting. I observe parents bringing their young ones in and talking them through the process and or changing diapers - this is not rest. Then you have to cleanup by fighting with the paper towel holder only wants to give you a 3" x 3" piece to dry off with.  NOT REST  Its exhausting watching others primp, wash and then want to chat in the restroom.  NO, I don't want to have conversation in the restroom.  I have never understood why women feel it necessary to go to the restroom together.

So with all this non resting in the restroom, here is what I found out about why its called a restroom.

 Restroom. Originally meaning a public toilet, this seems to be of American origin, with the earliest usages found around 1900. It’s an extremely common usage, and also one of the vaguest. Rest of course has a number of meanings, but this is probably in the sense of "repose" or "refreshing oneself." A slight variation is retiring room, a lovely upper-class Briticism from the 1930s.

So there you have !!!!!

See ya around campus