I found gold at Golds Gym


In my quest to get into shape, I joined a Golds Gym.  The one I joined seems to be patronized by the older generation, in which I thought wouldn’t be overcrowded and I wouldn’t have to wait for equipment etc. I have bad knees and it was recommended that I try water aerobics.  They have class every day at 0930. I am surprise with the resistance that water provides; you can get a good work out.

So splish splash DD is going to make a dash for the pool.  Upon my arrival to class, I noticed I may be the youngest athlete there.  In my observation, I see all walks of life – large, small, frail, athletic, different races, cultures, rainbow of colors, well educated, professionals, house wives and I am sure all have stories of their life, to include the abundance of wisdom.  These men and women are the GOLD I found at Golds Gym! 

If you don’t want have your soul enriched – don’t go to Golds Gym on Tezel and don’t do water aerobics.  If you don’t want to laugh, sing and get a good work out – don’t go.

 The golden years, the golden girls, the golden rule, the golden opportunity and the gold dust will be in class.  These lovely souls meet here to socialize, exercise, laugh and sing.  The music that is played to exercise with ranges from the oldies to pop songs of the eighties and most know the words.   They play pranks on each other, ask about families and how’s your health?  They have each other’s back.  Some meet for lunch after class and karaoke at night.  they are kind and help each other out.  Some I notice come in walkers, canes and struggle to get into pool because of some health issues, but when they do get in– they are free and young again.

Smiles, Smiles everywhere and you can tell the ones that were probably leaders in school, the jokesters, caregivers, pranksters, artistic etc and yes – there are a few that might complain the water is too cold or whatever the day issue is for them.

I have learned this week that your soul and personality doesn’t age, just the flesh around your bones do. The wisdom and life lessons the Golden people at the Gym on Tezel -is amazing.  If the rest of the world would be in harmony as these Golden people are – the world would be a better place.

Thank you Golden people at the Gym, to include the General Manager – who signed me up!!!  I am honored and much appreciate the joy you give me, the laughs and smiles you share, the lessons I learn from you on my campus, I call life.  Oh – did I mention I get a good work out in too.