My life has been a campus in which tuition has been costly. I learned much from serving over 20 years in the Air Force, having many career fields - from administration, heavy equipment mechanic, ranger 52 at an air to ground gunnery range, flight attendant for world leaders - to a private flight attendant as a civilian. A wife(37 years), mother of 2, grandmother of 4, patriot veteran, world traveler, floral arrangements, charchol and paint artist, faux chef, gardener, scrabble player, Logic Problem addiction, bingo enthusiast and now author of "55 years on campus"!  It is my hope that you will laugh and learn from my crazy journey on this campus I call life!

Detra Enman,  Retired Air Force Master Sergeant, Corporate Flight Attendant and author of “55 Years on Campus” is a humble and grateful soul.  She has come to believe there isn’t anything you cant do, your the only thing in your way.

Born 15 Aug, 1960 to a father that came from a poor underprivileged drunken broken family, who never made it past the 6th grade,  proud marine, professional thief, convicted prisoner, low income jobs, lost soul in search of the right religion, self taught Greek and Hebrew, became a Jehovah Witness to a United Pentecostal Holly roller, studied all religions - while working for the southern pacific rail road as a machinist, studied nursing, studied blacksmith,  turn preacher/speaker on the side and author of “Jesus, Jehovah Or” and mother of Finland immigrants who through hard work and passion owned marina’s – where my mother learned good work ethic, in which she help support my father’s crazy journey – mentally, financially and physically .

I was a shy, loner, skinny, buck toothed, c – student underprivileged, while girl – just graduating high school.  Went to my friend house and met her father, who was in the Air Force and told me a joke.  Why do women join the air force – to find a man and get married.  1977 haha – not.  Went home and told my father, who loved being a marine – in turn said – you ought to join the Air Force.

That's how my career on the campus I call life, as a joke and the laughs still continues 38 years later!!!!!!